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Whole House Fans – A Cheaper Way to Cool Your House

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Depending on the size every whole house fan has a net free ventilation area requirement for safe operating.

Before you purchase and install a whole house fan, it is necessary to determine the net-free-area of your attic space. Most homes, even newer ones will require additional ventilation to meet this requirement. The existing ventilation you have in place will be included in the total NFVA needed to operate your fan.

Avoid costly mistakes. Regardless of what fan manufacturer you are using, have a professional ventilation assessment to determine the NFA of your attic. The Attic Ventilation Assessment fee for $189.00 can be applied toward the purchase of additional ventilation.

This assessment will equip you with the knowledge you need to make these 3 important choices:

  • Fan size
  • Additional ventilation and what ventilation if necessary
  • The correct combination of ventilation to run a whole house fan safely.

Contact us at 916-714-9660 for more information on the Attic Ventilation Assessment

7---Website-Cooling-your-home-WHOLE-HOUSE-FANS-4AirScape Whole House Fans

  • They are the only fans that have a true airtight seal between the attic and living space which eliminates air leakage, heat loss and attic condensation.
  • They are made in U.S. using metal and industrial grade components, far superior when compared to other manufacturers.
  • They are a direct drive, not belt- driven. Belt – driven requires more maintenance and do not have an airtight seal.
  • They are highly energy efficient, have dual speeds and Title 24 compliant.


Choose from 5 sizes:

AirScape 1.0 | AirScape 1.7 | AirScape 2.5e | AirScape 3.5e | AirScape 4.4e

Contact us at 916-714-9660 for pricing.

FAQs About Whole House Fans

7---Website-Cooling-your-home-WHOLE-HOUSE-FANS-2Whole House Fan: What is it?
A whole-house fan is a type of fan that is placed flush into the ceiling with the operating components taking up space in the attic of a building.

What does a Whole House Fan do?
A whole house fan pulls hot air out of the living space and into the attic space. This creates a positive pressure in the attic which forces the hot air out through the gables and soffit vents. At the same time a negative pressure is produced in the living areas which draws cool air in through open windows and doors.

A Whole House Fan:

  • mounts between living space and attic
  • runs only during cooler evening, night and morning periods
  • draws fresh cool air in through your living space through open windows
  • pulls indoor air into the attic and forces hot attic air out through the roof vents
  • cools the living space and draws heat buildup out of entire building structure

7---Website-Cooling-your-home-WHOLE-HOUSE-FANS-3What are the benefits of using a Whole House Fan?

  • You will save a substantial percent on home cooling energy costs.
  • You will greatly reduce Co2 emissions, making this an environmentally friendly choice to cooling your home.
  • Your whole house fan runs without releasing harmful refrigerants into the atmosphere.
  • You will experience improved indoor air quality with better ventilation and breathing in fresh air straight from Mother Nature.

Why is an airtight seal at the louvered door so important?
In the summer: When there is no airtight seal, cool air from the home and air conditioner will escape through to the attic. It becomes harder to keep the home cool and will counteract energy savings.

In the winter: Warm there is no airtight seal, warm air from the home and heater will escape through to the attic.

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