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Did you know? With every 1” of rain on 1,000 square feet of roof area you can collect around 600 gallons of water! Put your roof and guttering system to work and start harvesting water now!

What you get:

A comprehensive overview of onsite conditions to develop a water harvesting plan for your property which includes:

  • Onsite evaluation by an ARCSA Accredited Professional
  • Inspection of the roof plane drainage
  • Calculation of potential water harvesting capacity
  • Design of a water harvesting system to meet your properties present and potential watering needs
  • Provide a plan for future growth

Assessment fee can be used towards the purchase of any water tank.

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ASCRA Acredited Professional


Bushman 205 gallon water tank (BM-CWT205): $436.50

CRB-60: $215.00
CRB-60R: $165.00
BSLT130: $515.00
BRTT205: $355.00
BSLT265e: $635.00
BRTT420: $635.00
BSLTE530e: $1,035.00
BLPT660: $615.00
BRTT865: $755.00
BLPT1110: $932.00
BLPT1320: $1,035.00
BRTT2825: $1,835.00
CWTX4-120: $2,685.00

BCK0001: $245.00
BCK0003: $135.00

SPCL- (2) 205 Starter Kit: $880.00
SPCL- 530e Starter Kit: $1,085.00
SPCL- 865 Starter Kit: $915.00

Let the rain begin.

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